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DEmul 0.4.8 WIP: Emulador de Dreamcast

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Predeterminado DEmul 0.4.8 WIP: Emulador de Dreamcast

Nueva versión de este emulador de Dreamcast para PC que viene con un montón de mejoras:

New OpenGL plugin (gpuOGLv3). For proper plugin functionality - you should install latest video drivers (especially if you are ATI card owner).

gpuOGLv3 features:
- better polygon sort methods (still not provide perfect results). You can disable this feature for whole list and transparent polygons cause several games still works better without sort
- blend and shade functions
- fragment and vertex shader (offload calculation from CPU to GPU)
- apply fog per textures
- multiple screen resolution (needs restart)
- screeshots (PNG, JPG)
- mipmap textures

Fixes in other plugins:
- buggy polygon cache
- texture cache rewritten
- polygon params passes through TA with Intensity mode 1, 2 (Thrigger Heart Exelica)
- invisible polygons culling
- removed redundant GPU calls

General changes:
- GDR read synchronized with CPU and reduced to 1mb/sec (RE:CV "tiger head" fixed, credits to drkIIRaziel)
- fixed invisible bullets error in second chapter of Ikaruga (another credits to drkIIRaziel)
- added recent NAOMI romsets (all old handmade romsets are gone)
- fixed different dynarec, code invalidation and counters bugs
- fixed most of memory leaks

New GDR plugin gdrCHD. It supports Comressed Hunk of Data format (great thanks to MAME project). ".GDI" images can be converted to CHD with "chdman" tool from MAME project (e.g. "chdman -createcd my.gdi my.chd"). This conversion will add some redundant sectors between image tracks so it`s better to write your own ".TOC" description and feed it to "chdman" utility. Both methods will produce functional images the difference is only in size (quick ".gdi" to ".chd" conversion is a bit larger than handmade ".toc" to ".chd").

Not implemented & bugs (TODO list):
- render to texture (we already know how to implement it. but still fights with FBO on ATI cards. if we loss battle with FBO then we will switch to pBuffer technique)
- render framebuffer
- wrong texture filter in shader (noticable in Ikaruga. we investigate this issue)
- multisampling


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