Acceso a PSN con PSON gracias a PS3ITA -

Acceso a PSN con PSON gracias a PS3ITA

Con el lanzamiento del nuevo Firmware v4.20 de PS3 y a pesar de los esfuerzos de SonyFuckPSN todavía sigue sirviendo para disfrutar del online, mientras tanto, todos aquellos que utilizan el spoofer del Team Rebug ya no pueden utilizar las funciones online, pero los sceners de PS3ITA han lanzado un nuevo PKG que corrige este problema, así que todos aquellos que desean utilizar simplemente el CFW v3.55 para estar online, sin necesidad de utilizar el PC, están de suerte. Nuestro compañero zrandi ha creado un tutorial de su uso.


How many of you know now Sony has released a new update, 4.20.

This knocks out the spoof of Team Rebug, to connect to the PSN you will be prompted to install the new fw ..

After the free ride?

Not for now ..

f*ckPsn still works, but requires a PC. Do not have a computer or simply do not want to turn on whenever you want to connect to the PSN?

Ps3ita has the right care:
Make sure your custom firmware installed 3:55 has no SPOOF! It ‘s very important.
Download and install on your PS3 on our pkg: DOWNLOAD1 | DOWNLOAD2 (x Ver CFW_Geohot)
Launch the pkg, you’ll see the flashing yellow LED console (do not worry it is not a YLOD), after about 2 seconds will reboot the PS3.
Log in peace (so to speak .. attentive to possible BAN) to the NDP.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The pkg can be used on all CFW exception of that of the True Blue (the tests are in progress ..) and maybe the Cobra.

Some clarifications: the «patch» used to connect to the PSN are totally different from those of Rebug team, but obviously we have unearthed the passphrase used by them. Without this access to the NDP would be impossible with any method.

So a huge THANKS and credit goes to the team Rebug!

Probably as soon as Sony will patch it all again by replacing the passphrase or in another way, I honestly did not think would last so long, but for now enjoy the PSN.

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