Showtime Plugin Navi-X v1.0 -

Showtime Plugin Navi-X v1.0

El desarrollador facanferff ha lanzado una actualización importante del plugin Navi-X que nos permite visualizar contenido multimedia. El plugin, tras la versión 0.9 ha entrado en un largo proceso de desarrollo para corregir los problemas, ofrecer un nuevo aspecto y hacerlo mucho más fresco. La  que nos ocupa es una gran actualización y por tanto se recomienda que todos los usuarios actualicen a esta versión.



– Showtime v3.99.448


1. If you have one of the latest Showtime version (as required by the plugin) and installed previously the previous plugin it should be updated to the newest version once andoma updates the plugin repository with the new version.
2. Access the Plugin Central inside Showtime to install the plugin.
3. Put the zip archive available at…i-x/ in the directory <path to showtime>/installedplugins/


– Add: Allow user to disable History Tracking
– Add: Notifications for important things (such as reporting)
– Fix: User would be logout after forced reload
– Enhancement: Use notifications instead of messages that require user interaction

– Add: Set number of elements in X axis (see note 1)
– Add: Set number of elements in Y axis (see note 1)
– Add: Allow user to hide information bar (see note 1)
– Add: Store items in local Favorites playlist (see note 2)
– Add: Playlists with IMDB/TMDB type redirect to TMDB view
– Add: Support for subtitles in playlists
– Fix: Entries with no title would fail to load page in PS3 platform
– Fix: Titles with colors would be wrongly parsed
– Enhancement: Set view in playlists upon entrance to avoid «screen transformation»

– Add: Report processors that don’t work
– Add: Display current status of processing (including countdown timer)
– Add: Cache processors that have cacheable flag equal to 1
– Add: Nested if statements
– Fix: Subvariables in which the main class didn’t exist would return error when trying to get it’s result

– Enhancement: Improve plugin startup response time
– Enhancement: Improve response time when browsing

– Add: TMDB View (see note 2)
– Add: Trailers
– Add: Similar Movies
– Add: Search in several networks for a movie
– Add: Get Full Cast of a movie
– Add: Get Full Crew of a movie
– Add: Get movies in which a person appeared in the cast
– Add: Use IMDB variable in PLX playlists to identify a movie
– Add: Use TMDB variable in PLX playlists to identify a movie
– Add: IMDB’s Parents Guide

User Account:
– Add: Save playlists IDs for user in local store
– Enhancement: Use local History/Favorites playlist instead of online solution
– Fix: When adding an item to a playlist that contained that item already, it would add again the item making it twice -> Remove the old one and add the fresh one
– Fix: My Playlists

Note 1: These features are present in the Page Menu that can be accessed via Triangle (PS3) or F1 (PC).
Note 2: These features are present in the Item Menu that can be accessed via Square (PS3) or F3 (PC) after focusing the item to see the features relative to.

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